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August 08, 2013


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Until I read your post, I'd never heard of "Blurred Lines." Now, it's following me everywhere I go! At least there's a snappy Italian name for what ails me! PS - I enjoyed re-reading your Irish posts after vacationing in Dublin a few weeks ago. Check out this recap of my trip: http://beesfirstappearance.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/dublin/. I thought you'd like the links to the W.B. Yeats exhibit and the "A History of Ireland in 100 Objects" app that I mention.


Thanks for the link Betsy! I want Robert Emmet's ring!


When I heard this story on the news tonight, I thought of you and this post, Now "Blurred Lines" is stuck in my head again! Hope you and Dubliner are doing well...and are looking forward to St. Patrick's Day! http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/blurred-lines-case-robin-thicke-pharrell-williams-pay/story?id=29539005

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