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October 26, 2008


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Phil McTimoney

Ah...but is there any more satisfying experience that plowing through a crowd of people, picking up a heavy suitcase, and then plowing back through the same crowd of people, leaving bodies scattered everywhere...all the while knowing that they won't say a word of protest because they KNOW they are standing in the wrong place?

And then...doing it all again for bag #2.


I'm always impressed that it's the business guys with the least-heavy luggage who take front and center, leaving the old folks, people traveling with kids, and people with bags that weigh more than they do to struggle the heartiest. America at its finest.


I think I'll carry a cap and a whisle on future flights so that at baggage claim I can blow the whisle and announce, "Please step back two paces so that all of you can circle the conveyor belt and retrieve your bags without incident." The whisle and cap will provide the authority necessary to distinguish me from any other control freak on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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