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June 16, 2007


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This commentary and tutorial on Ulysses and Joyce is too good not to be enjoyed by more people. What can be done to make sure it gets a wider audience? The hypertext leads to other sources are fantastic. I never liked Joyce's stream of consciousness style but maybe I have missed something. I should try him again. -Blaise


Thanks! If you want to try Joyce again, I'd suggest A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which is a short novel and, although it also uses stream of consciousness, much of the narrative is more conventional than Ulysses. It also begins with Stephen Dedalus's early life, which creates more sympathy for Stephen as he grows into a young adult who is challenging to love -- as well as for Joyce himself, as the novel is somewhat autobiographical. You could also try Dubliners, his collection of short stories (which includes The Dead, his most well-known short story). The short stories are written in a more straightforward narrative style, though based on the number of annotations I wrote in my copy from college (which still bears the ubiquitous orange USED label on the spine) the meaning is not so straightforward.

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